Thursday, January 17, 2019

Green Team Meeting Notes 1-17-2019

Green Team Meeting Notes 1/17/2019

Attendees: Bill Schroeder, Susan Johnston, Mark Bohrer, Candy Dann (phone)
Away: Steve Fink, Janet Clarke, Tim Smith, Fran Fink
Need to re-add to the invite: Graham Long

Here are our minutes from last month (link below).

Agenda for this month (schedule order may be adjusted):

1) Renewable/Electric options for kitchen - Iric/Trustees – Bill is the point person here
-        The Trustees had put forward a decision to stay with gas appliances
-        They gave several justifications which we thought were answerable and could be overcome
o   This include addressing Columbia Gas compensation for appliances, electric service in condition
-        Iric could not make it tonight and asked to reschedule
-        ACTION: Mark to respond to Iric, request a new date to meet
o   In an effort to keep communication lines open, this was kind of a glitch, from the Green Team’s perspective. Request that Trustees use the GT as a resource. We want to support and be involved.
o   Mark to propose being a liaison to the Trustees, and plans to attend the next Trustees meeting

2) Columbia Gas updates - Merrimack Valley Gas Crisis Recover Green Initiative – Steve
-        Steve not here - Will get updates when he is present

3) Board of World Service agreed to support “Be The Spark” program by MIPL
- $500 matching from BoWS to Green Team $500 contribution >> for $1000 contribution

4) SC Green Team website
- There is now some basic information on the website:
- Candy is working with Nora on where we appear – Candy has made some suggestions
- ACTION: Candy – get on the “Get to know us” menu
- ACTION: Steve – send photos from retreat, send to Susan, and she will select ones for the website

-        ACTION Mark – update Climate Reader and share with Green Team to review

5) Sharing green ideas in the weekly buzz ... how to best do this? – Susan
- Idea for a little character (green bee?) in the weekly buzz to be a spokesperson for green ideas
- ACTION: Susan will talk to Nora to develop this

6) Electricity Generation from Solar Panels –
- Bill showed graph of last 6 years
- ideas on how to promote
- ACTION: Bill to summarize in a presentation to the Trustees and the church (quarterly newsleeter).

7) Divestment and Socially Responsible Investment – Bill
- an announcement in this regard will be forthcoming at the annual meeting from the Trustees of Trust Funds

Not discussed this meeting – things we want to do:
- Retreat 2.0 at Fellowship Hour - World Cafe tables return - Steve/Mark
- sharing Climate Cares and Concerns during church

Monday, January 14, 2019

Green Team meeting notes 11-29-2018

Green Team Meeting Notes 11/29/2018

Attendees: Bill Schroeder, Susan Johnston, Steve Fink, Mark Bohrer, Candy Dann
Away: Janet Clarke, Tim Smith, Graham Long, Fran Fink

1)      Request from Mass Interfaith Power & Light for the church to support “Be The Spark” program
a.       Program that was developed by Minnesota IPL
b.       Mass Interfaith P&L wants to do a training program for people’s community organizing skills
c.       Proposal - Make the request to Board of World Service
ACTION: Bill – mail program info to Steve F who will take this to Board of World Service

2)      Communication Method to Church
ACTION: Susan – share short green Christmas ideas in Weekly Buzz
a.       Climate Reports sent by Tim Smith – specifically IPCC meeting in Poland
b.       Share with people in context of “The World Needs To Change to Fossil Fuel Free Dramatically and Rapidly”. How are each of us doing this? How are we changing our homes, vehicles, consumption to fossil fuel free?
                                                               i.      “What should I be doing now?” “How am I going to get to fossil-fuel free in 20 years?” For example – maybe I could switch to an electric stove, electric dryer or electric car when I make each of these next purposes.
                                                             ii.      Electric is good (renewable), gas is bad (not renewable, pipeline leaks, explosions, fracking water pollution, health impact/deaths from air and water pollution
ACTION: Mark – share with wider Green Team list
a.       new Green Team website –
ACTION: Candy – request Nora to do Step 1: add “Green Team” homepage, with basic info on who we are, how to contact us, what we have done recently, Step 2: will be to add content

b.       bulletin board – we need to talk to Nora/Dana about how we can contribute to new “theme” / “Action” / “Mission” oriented bulletin boards

3)      Suggestion: Plan a “POST COLUMBIA GAS” session
a.       to solicit input from the church “How has the Columbia Gas crisis changed your life?”
                                                               i.      From this “What should we all do now?”
Next Step: Work on a program involving church membership to solicit input on what should be done
Context: Gas is NOT safe, not good for our communities, and is NOT the future
ACTION: Green Team – followup meeting to work on this

4)      Merrimack Valley Gas Crisis Recovery – Green Initiative
a.       Context: Lupine Road goal to be very green, and promoted that way
b.       Jim Antal’s initiative on Green Social Activism

5)      Climate Change Witness to Congregation –
a.       Regular message needs to be brought to church service each week
ACTION: Mark – request Retreat attendees to signup for weekly “climate witness message” during Joys & Concerns – with Message of Concern Joy and Hope
b.       Climate Justice  - how do we add this to our actions?

Not discussed:
1)      Retreat Takeaways and Followups
                     i.      Very positive feedback – things worked well for families, adults, no concerns expressed, will be requesting more feedback with a survey
                   ii.      Steve will send out a retreat survey
                 iii.      Do followups at Fellowship Hour – ACTION: Mark – ask Dana
1.       Inspiration Fair and World CafĂ© – 2 events, 2 Fellowship hours, start after 15 minutes
2.       Heads up to Dana as a regular prayer time “Cares and Concerns” words on climate change
3.       With a variety of people from the retreat

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Green Team Meeting Notes 9-6-2018

Green Team Meeting Notes 9/6/2018

Attendees: Bill Schroeder, Susan Johnston, Steve Fink, Mark Bohrer, Candy Dann (phone)

1)      Car Chargers Program – Ngrid and/or Eversource involvement to install them in public spaces
-          ACTION: Bill will find out more about this program to see if it makes sense at South Church

2)      Retreat
-          plans are coming together – 51 signed up, expect more including youth signups
-          Candy asked about Inspiration Fair
-          We have entire Shapleigh bunkhouse reserved – but we need 11 more to hold it
-          Jenn Murray working on youth invitations, but there likely will be space for more adults too.
3)      Divestment
-          Panel on Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is planned
-    Sunday Sept 30th 11:45AM, with lunch provided, expected to take ~90 minutes
-    to give all church members the chance to learn and discuss socially responsible investing
-    Name is “ESG” Environmental Social Governance
-          Tim Smith to moderate
-    Experts that Tim knows will be invited
-          Hope is to move the discussion along for the church to vote on a resolution at January meeting
-          This panel is the 3rd event open to the church to find out more about SRI
-    There were 2 open discussion times this past spring

4)      Homecoming Table on 9/16 – Green Team table: Retreat,  Divestment
-          We can promote both events
-          We can invite more church members since we have space in Shapleigh bunkhouse

5)      Climate Justice
       - Let's do more in this area!

6)      Joint Plans with North Parish
       - Let's do more with them!

7)      Saturday Rally Plans

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Green Team Meeting Notes 3-01-2018

Green Team Meeting Notes 3/01/2018
Fall Retreat...Divestment...Earth Day
Present: Mark Bohrer, Bill Schroeder, Candy Dann
Away: Fran Fink, Steve Fink, Iric Rex, Janet Clarke, Susan Johnston, Terry Ebner

All-Member Retreat For The Environment - AMC Center at Crawford Notch
Columbus Day Weekend 2018
Retreat for the Environment – South Church in Andover – on church website:
(flyer doc attached to email)

Promotion of the retreat at Fellowship Hour
ACTION: Bill, Mark – staff tables in Fellowship Hall for promoting retreat
-       2/18: Steve, Mark, 2/25: Bill, 3/4: Mark, 3/11: Bill, 3/18: Anna

-       Feb 25 - Bill promoted the retreat
o   Bill spoke to several people today at fellowship hour about attending the environmental retreat. 
o   Ones who expressed interest included:  Nathan Combs, Peter and Deb White, Tom Appleton and Eric Stubenhaus. 
-       Mar 4 – Mark promoted the retreat
o   Good interest from David and Ellen Van Arsdale
§  Their son Mark Van Arsdale is a HS science teacher in Alaska. He was selected for a NOAA expedition to the Gulf of Alaska this summer as part of the US Fisheries research program. He wrote a marine biology environmental curriculum for high school. Possible Skype call during retreat? Talked about this with Ellen Van Arsdale.
o   Lindsay King, with 13 month old daughter
o   Talked to several other people and gave out flyers, but didn’t get names
-       Signed up - From February meeting:
o   There were roughly 11 families, ~25 people – Steve has a list of names – this is about half of a good  turnout (more is better)
o   need more younger families with kids
-       So far (adults+kids)
o   Dana Walsh & family (2+2),
o   Johnston (2+0),
o   Dann’s (2+0),
o   Schroeder (2?),
o   Fink (2),
o   Bohrer (1+1, and 2 partial? depends on band schedule)
o   Steve’s list – Mason’s?, Nardini’s?, others…

Retreat Planning Committee
ACTION: Mark to schedule committee meeting
-       Steve Fink, Nick Bohrer, Mark Bohrer, Susan Johnston, Graham Long, Anna McGrath, Kristie Nardini
-       Invite: Emily Appleton

Highland Center Room Availability
Steve checked with AMC Highland Center –we don’t have a block reserved for us, if I’m remembering correctly – However there are still a good number of rooms available, but they are being reserved, so people do need to make their reservations, and encourage anyone planning to go to reservations.

Plan for next few months – personal invites - ACTIONS
-       Steve >> handoff to Mark, Bill and Candy
o   Marc & Suzy Henderson, John and Lois Roberts, (English teacher…), Chris & Lenore Price
-       Candy:
o   Mulu Kedebe & Jacob Urban, Buffy Pritchard
-       Bill:
o   Wayne and Robin Gendron
-       Mark:
o   Tom Appleton, Betsy Hopkins, Emily Appleton (invite to the committee), Polly & Duncan Pyle, Steve Longo

-       Send responses to Mark, who will compile list

Push for reservation at AMC Crawford Center by Earth Day...
Fall / Family / Foliage / Fun / Future!   (Logo: maple leaf? )
Celebrating Nature / Celebrating Family / Celebrating the Future

Earth Day

-       Mark sent an email to Dana asking about Earth Day plans. Earth Day is Sunday April 22

                - Bill - can you fill us in on the next steps?