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SC Green Team Meeting Notes 7/20/2017

Green Team Meeting Notes 7/20/2017
Your building and facilities ought to exemplify your theology!
·         Quote from Trinity United Church of Christ, South Side of Chicago

Mark Bohrer, Candy Dann, Bill Schroeder, Fran Fink, Steve Fink, Susan Johnston
Away: Janet Clarke, Iric Rex, Terry Ebner

Discussion, welcoming Susan J
·         We asked Susan where she's coming from, with the environment. It is her most important issue.
·         Talked about the environmental movement

Church Picnic readout
·         Ended up with very little "throw away trash", everything else was recycled or composted!
o    Wally was supportive – setup at 6:30AM that Sunday with Steve
·         ACTION: Candy – send a "we all did it!" blurb for SC weekly buzz

Open discussion - Pass along good news, about what we do, what we all can do
·         Ideas for our church members – what they can do (composting, energy efficiency)
·         Ideas for other churches – share
o    For example - Share plan for no waste picnic – like a "case study"
·         Starting the conversation – speaking up with friends
·         Getting the message out

Next possible idea: Make a church green video! Let's investigate...
·         Steve posits using people he is currently working with on Andover projects
·         Do one about the church & a green story
·         Involve the whole church, bring in other groups, trustees, giving, youth, etc.
o    This could be used Jim Antal and MACUCC – he may have ideas for us
o    This could also be used by Mass Interfaith Power & Light
·         Why, What, How – on one topic, one thing we've done? Or more future looking, vision? Both?
·         Fit in the retreat? Use the video to promote the retreat?
·         NEXT STEP:
o    ACTION: input to a Story board: Candy – evolve historical presentation
o    Next meeting – talk about this extensive

Retreat Planning
·         Green Retreat for the Future 2.0
o    Plan for Fall 2018!
o    Retreat - Similar format & structure, Explore area, Science projects, Guest speaker
o     Speaker is  (for example) UCS, John Rogers?? Deval Patrick?

·         Market as Family Christmas gift December 2017
o    Booklet handout?
§  Successes, inspiration, stories!
·         Lead in: In House Multi-generational event – Oct 2017 – Harvest Dinner
o    Afternoon internal retreat ? mini science fair?
o    Lead in to Harvest Dinner or do this at Harvest Dinner?
§  Have readout on the projects

Church Greening
·         Creeping non-environmentalism
o    Was is there a mini-kitchen in library? Refrigerator, microwave, coffee makers...when kitchen is not so far!  Steve will talk to Alex.

Giving Garden – status update from Fran
·         more land is being prepped
·         same area being farmed this year, as last
·         many local church groups and some businesses are volunteering

Harvest Dinner
-       NOT on church calendar October 14th
-       ACTION: Mark will contact Alex and Linda H – to get this on church calendar

Church Divestment - Bill
-       Trustees of the Trust Funds are receptive to the topic, if there were funds with low overhead expenses that were fossil free
o    There are a number of fossil free ETF funds run by State Street Funds
-       How should we move this forward this year?
o    Can we advance this with the church year, to get the membership onboard, to lay the groundwork for a church vote?
o    Candy’s Recommendation: Ask Ron Hill (an investment advisor), to get him onboard early
-       What’s the ask of the TOTTF? Is this an action done over time (say 5 years)? Like the UCC General Synod

Parking Lot - Previous Meeting Notes
Connecting church to green activism
·         Next Step #2: Green elements of Lupine Road
·         Making Lupine Road super green
  • make project “as green as we can make it”

Church Greening
·         redesign the lighting for the steeple altogether-
o    one got hit by lightning recently and now Wally is using Buddy Electric to rebuild it.  I asked Wally to please ask Buddy Electric to at least give a quote on what it would take to convert it to LED, as an option.
o    What about outlining the steeple in LEDs, which might have some cool side effects like being able to switch colors (add rainbows, bathe it in pink for Breast Cancer awareness, etc).

·         Recycling
o    When we get new equipment, we need to start a re-education campaign.  "Leave it Better than you found it!" Apparently, among Wally's list of issues are that people leave the bathrooms frequently with paper towels on the floor.  Also pizza boxes are left with pizza inside.  And, cardboard boxes are not broken down.  Also, people put items with food or liquids into the recycling.  We need to own some of this!  Within Fellowship Hall, we need to kick-off with some signs around welcoming our new recycling containers, letting people know that they are starting out nice and clean and hope to stay that way and that only happens if they DON'T put stuff with liquids or food into the recycling containers.
o    Fellowship Hall - We will request/order two pairs of three-part slim jims (one extra large black one for trash with a wide mouth lid, one blue with blue circle lid for bottles and cans and one blue with blue slotted lid for paper, each will have a sign holder attached to the back so it is close to eye level at least for some of us and they will be permanently connected together and will think about whether to also order dollies so they can be easily moved).
o    Youth Center - We will request/order a pair of slim jims (one black one for trash and one blue for recycling)
o     Third Floor - We will request/order a pair of slim jims to be stationed next to the water fountain (one black one for trash and one blue for recycling)
o    LIbrary - I have added one blue recycle basket on the inside side and will also add one on the other side near the exterior door.  They just barely fit but Wally agreed that we need a pair in BOTH locations.  
o    Classrooms on 2nd floor - don't need anything at this time but Wally will keep one trash basket lined and one blue recycling basket unlined in each room.
·          Fluorescent light bulbs - these can be taken to the Recycling Center in North Andover on Holt Road.  They don't ask for IDs there and they do accept FLs as well as many other recyclable items at no cost.  They also accept construction and demolition materials at a fee.
o     Ballasts - I will check but these are likely "Hazardous Waste" and need to be take to an HHW event and will cost us something for disposal but possibly Buddy Electric has a way to properly dispose of them.  I asked Wally to check with Buddy Electric also.

Monday, May 15, 2017

2017 Annual Report of the Green Team

2017 Annual Report of the South Church Green Team

The Green Team is an ad-hoc committee within South Church. Its purpose is to promote good environmental stewardship in the church's facilities, and also in our homes and the wider community. The committee also works to foster action on Climate Change.  We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month during the regular church year. We welcome new members and new ideas. Everyone is welcome to participate!

Looking back through the 2016-17 South Church year:

Last June, we helped make the all-church picnic a “green” event again by setting up and demonstrating how to compost food waste, paper products and recyclables, and how throw away trash can be greately reduced, almost to zero. Our goal was to show that it’s easy to do this at your home once you know how.

On October 2nd, 2016 we hosted the 4th annual Harvest Dinner to celebrate the 2nd year of the Giving Garden. This year’s family evening included homemade pasta making in fellowship hall, activities for kids, a vegetarian/low impact pot-luck dinner, and several videos to share and discussion time after dinner. An enjoyable night for all ages.

We hosted another “Sustainable House of Worship” workshop at South Church on February 12th, presented by Interfaith Power & Light, for people of all faiths to learn the best ways to reduce energy consumption at their houses of worship. This was attended by 10 members from 4 different congregations in the area. (We might have had twice this number if a snowstorm that day hadn’t kept numbers down!)

At the Earth Day service on April 23rd, we welcomed our MACUCC conference president, Rev. Jim Antal. After the service, we hosted a get-together luncheon for church members who wished to take part in a Q&A session with Rev. Antal.

On April 29th, dozens of church members joined with other members of faith communities from around the US – and with many other groups – at the climate rallies and marches in Washington, DC, and in Boston. In DC, more than 200,000 people turned out to let their voices be heard.

Throughout the year: we coordinated and worked on energy efficiency improvements at the church related to air-sealing, and plans to insulate and air-seal the “chimney” that goes from the boiler room to the attic (on the other side of the front wall of the sanctuary). More improvements can be done! We can use your help!

Throughout the year: We had discussions on divesting from fossil fuels with the Trustees of the Trust Funds, the church committee responsible for investing the church’s endowment. We hope to bring the divestment discussion to the church membership in the near future.

This coming year: We hope to work with ACT and Habitat to help make the affordable housing units as green as possible.
BIG PLANS: We are planning an all-church retreat on nature, the environment and creation care in the fall of 2018, at the AMC Highland Center at Crawford Notch, NH.

Mark Bohrer, Candy Dann, Bill Schroeder, Steve Fink, Fran Fink, Janet Clarke, Iric Rex, Terry Ebner

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Green Team Meeting Notes 4-20-2017

Green Team Meeting Notes 4/20/2017

Mark, Candy, Bill, Fran, Steve

Planning for Rev. Jim Antal visit – Q&A Luncheon
ACTION (Done) : Candy – notify Tom Appleton that we want to use speaker & mic on Sunday
ACTION: Mark – ask Dana if she wants to introduce Jim
ACTION: Mark – ask Jim how long

Schedule for the day
-       9:15 AM Jim Antal at Social Justice Coalition meeting before church
-       12:15 AM start of Q&A session with Rev Antal

Event Notes
-      -    Plan on 20-30
-   -   Seats around stage, a table for food

-       leave some chairs setup after Social Justice Coalition
-       Table setup at front for food
-       Put out a basket for food $$ donations
-       Mark, Bill, Fran

Food plan
-       Mark – get a few platters from Stop & Shop
o    wraps/sandwiches
o    cookie tray
-       Fran – veggies and dip
-       Fran - fruit
-       Coffee
o    Mark – talk to fellowship at coffee hour

Intro by Green Team – 1 minute short intro – Mark
-       who we are
o    All of you! If not, we would welcome you!
o    Active members on the committee
§  Mark Bohrer, Candy Dann, Bill Schroeder, Fran Fink, Steve Fink, Janet Clarke,
Iric Rex, Terry Ebner
-       a few things we’ve done
o    solar panels, making church more energy efficient,  green retreat in 2009,
hosted Sustainable House of Worship (SHOW) for churches and faith communities,
support for Giving Garden – celebrating their work with an annual Harvest Dinner in the Fall
-       what we have in works
o    Green Retreat in Fall of 2018

Church Divestment - Readout on Discussion with Trustees of Trust Funds
-       Bill and Candy
-       TOTTF were receptive to the topic, if there were funds with low overhead expenses that were fossil free
-       There are now fossil free ETF funds run by State Street Funds
o    e.g. one is S&P 500 Fossil Fuel Reserves Free (approx. 472 companies out of the S&P500 are included)
o    Next Step was to present low cost funds that are fossil fuel free
§  Bill S found a number – they’re out there!
§  (EFAX) SPDR MSCI EAFE Fossil Fuel Free ETF
§  (EEMX) SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Fossil Fuel Free ETF
§  (SPYX) SPDR S&P 500 Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETF

Thursday, January 19, 2017

South Church Green Team - meeting notes – 1/19/2017

Green Team - meeting notes – 1/19/2017
Attendees: Candy Dann, Mark Bohrer, Fran Fink, Steve Fink, Terry Ebner, William Wood (first topic)
CC: Janet Clarke, Iric Rex, Dana, Alex

1)      William Wood presented request to provide annual review feedback to Dana
·         Input to William/Fran - Deacons
2)      Place/presence of environmental message in the church’s religious life and vision
·         What we have done in regular life of church
Annual green service
2 Harvest dinner / support, promotion of Giving Garden
Church picnic – composting!
place at the table now with trustees and council
·         Council is now thinking about efficiency as a matter of course
 5 Activities during past years
·         Green retreat
·         Green children services
·         Green service projects
 6. Longer term plans - ongoing
·         Divestment : Next step here: Divestment - start with our own personal assumptions/actions
-          Immediate Actions
o   ACTION: Candy – Talk to Wally and walk around church to restore trash/recycling bins in church
See what equipment he needs
o   ACTION: Bill and Candy – (In context of heating system “end of life”)
revisit heating performance, plans for replacement?

-          Forward looking
o   Next step #1: Meet with Dana to discuss religious environmental vision, message and plans
ACTION: Mark – contact Dana – invite her  to next meeting, or schedule another meeting
o   Host at Mark’s house
·         Green message in Sunday services, in life of the church
o   Regular message ofHeartful of love and inspiration and encouragement to act
o   Propose Earth Day Sunday – April 23rd to Dana
·         Green Retreat for the Future 2.0
o   Plan for Fall 2018!
o   Market as Family Christmas gift December 2017
o   Similar format & structure, Guest speaker
o   Lead in: In House Multi-generational event – September 2017
§  Afternoon internal retreat – science fair
§  Lead in to Harvest Dinner
§  Have  readout on the projects
§  Speaker is  (for example) UCS, John Rogers??
·         Connecting church to green activism
o   Next Step #2: Green elements of Lupine Road
ACTION: Steve – talk to Iric about making Lupine Road super green,
·         Make project “as green as we can make it”
o   Next Step #3: Earth Day – Sunday April 23rd
Recycling sign making activity on April 2nd as part of Sunday school
·         ACTION: Terry – propose this to CE
·         ACTION: Candy – templates for recycling signs
Children’s message – kids show the signs on Sunday April 23rd
o   Next Step #4:
Church is hosting MIPL SHOW Sustainable House of Worship workshop!
·         Sunday February 12, 2017 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm
o   Future Plans: Green Activism
Connecting church to green activism - Choose actions/protests to promote

Ongoing activities/discussion
o   Need long term green church investment plan
§  Present to Trustees
§  Start with 3 renovations below
o   Workshop on energy efficiency
§  LED Lighting
§  Sealing & Insulation
o   Green Movie Night – do together with North Parish, West Parish
o   Church energy efficiency
3 energy conservation renovations projects  - Iric

Here are some steps to improve energy performance at SC:
Determined 3 fairly easy renovations to help with energy use.
Talked with Tom Ozirsky about the  budget for each, as he was putting together this year’s budget.
Talked with Betsy Davis about the 3 things, but still want to get her comments/ opinions.
Talked with Wally about the 3 things.
I think one or more of them, if Betsy approves, would make good DOS activities.

The three renovations:

1.       Airseal and insulating panel at men’s bathroom exhaust fan (near stairs at front of church). There is significant heat loss (and an uncomfortably cold, drafty bathroom) at this location. Budget $100 for materials.
2. Airseal and insulate at large inter-wall space at front of Sanctuary (both sides). There appears to be a large volume of heated air that travels through this space from the boiler room/ lower floor area up through the attic. Budget $700 for materials.

3.       Apply rigid insulation to the bare concrete wall on the back side of the church, basement level, Rompers area. Refinish with GWB. The wall is presently uninsulated, and is an area of great heat loss. The insulation will cut heat loss and also improve comfort in the room. Budget $1,800 for materials. Will also require some time from a plumber (to move hydronic convectors away from the wall) and electrician (to move wall-mounted electrical). Budget $2,500 for trades? Total guess.
- Possible use of Black Dog basement insulation system?

All budget costs are rough estimates. I assume all labor would be donated, except for plumbing and electrical.